Local SEO service for business owners in Melbourne, who want to be ranked higher in their area of service.

Local SEO Melbourne
Rank Your Business Higher, Locally.

Take advantage of our local SEO expertise, which can make your advertising up to 50% more effective.

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Local SEO Statistics

Of all searches on Google are local
Of people look up the location before visiting
(or ordering)
Of searches are for a local business
Of clicks go for #1 position

Strategy & Technique

Oakmonts Technology provides local SEO in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. Our services include keyword research, on-page optimisation, competitor analysis and more. Contact us today to get started.

Helping local businesses get found on search engines is what I do best. Many times, when a person does a search for something in their area on a search engine, they do not necessarily get the results that they are looking for.

Local SEO Melbourne
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Why Hire Us as Local SEO In Melbourne?

Customers use location terms in searches at a rate of 1/5. We know this as Local SEO, is an effective & efficient way to be found by local customers searching for location-based businesses.

At Oakmonts, it's our job to help businesses rank locally in Melbourne.

We have developed a suite of Local SEO services that can dramatically increase the visibility and profitability of your business. Oakmonts is highly skilled Local Search engine optimization company, and uses only white hat techniques to ensure your website remains 100% compliant with all search engines.

Find out how we can improve your ranking.

Why is Local SEO So Important?

We know what it takes to get a business to the top of search results. We've done it for clients all over Melbourne. And more importantly, we know how to turn those rankings into real conversions.

  • Build business reputation
  • More positive local reviews
  • Enhanced map location & visibility
  • Increase traffic (and sales)
  • Reduce advertising cost

So, Are You Happy with Your SEO Agency?

Are you stuck in an under-performing SEO services contract? Have you lost website rankings and traffic?

Stop wasting money without getting results.

We can help you fix it all. We believe in working as strategic partners and building long-term and collaborative relationships with our clients. Our aim is to scale your business with sustainable, affordable SEO marketing.

It's no wonder so many small businesses fail to get the traction they need from the web. Only an SEO expert will be able to craft a strategy that gives your business the best chance of getting ranked highly by the major search engines.

What to expect from local SEO agency?

We provide services by following proper reporting standards. You will get weekly and monthly reports regarding work done on project and ranking updates.

What do we NOT do as a local SEO agency?

Often you'll come across SEO-related ads that promise you everything, only to find out it was just an "ad." At Oakmonts Technology, we don't work like that.

We do not give false promises.

From the real research stages, we tell our clients the expected outcome, time frame, estimated cost, and all this will be based on actual data and ranking metrics. Not random expectations, wishful thinking, or polished sales pitch.

We work based on data and metrics.


No cheating-Google or other black hat practices.

There's probably nothing worse to do to your website than trying to out-smart search engines, by implementing some rank-quickly schemes or what is known as black hat SEO.

You're better off leaving your site as it is then going down this path. It actually has negative effects.

At Oakmots Technology, we follow the latest guidelines to develop our strategies and techniques to deliver results appropriately.


We do not work with websites that are poorly developed.

You might have a website that's outdated or developed without considering SEO first. Unfortunately, working with such websites is extra challenging. While off-page doesn't rely directly on the development of the site. On-page definitely does.

Is your site not up to date with today's Google recommendations & requirements? No worries! The good news is that we can fix that by either redesigning the site or fixing some issues, if minor.