Oakmonts Technology offers IT support in Melbourne. A comprehensive range of IT services, including network design and installation, cloud management, server management and support, and onsite and remote PC repairs.

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IT Support Services In Melbourne

Oakmonts Technology is a Melbourne based IT service provider offering top-notch IT support services to local businesses. We provide quality networking, PC repair, data recovery and more.

Oakmonts Technology has been providing the community with innovative solutions for their IT needs. Our team of highly skilled technicians will work seamlessly with you to manage your day-to-day operations and keep your business running smoothly.

Remote Support Available

Managed IT Solutions

Do you want to outsource your IT?
Do you need a little more time to focus on your business?
Do you need a break from being the person who fixes all the technical issues?

At Oakmotns Technology, we offer on-going technical support and maintenance, from installations, software updates, web management and more. You deserve a break. Let us take care of your IT. We will monitor your system and fix it before it breaks.

IT Support in Campbellfield
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Managed IT Solutions is here to help with On Going Technical Support, Maintenance, Software Updates, Web Management, and more.

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Office Set Ups & Relocations

Moving offices can prove significant challenges, particularly when you need to relocate countless phones, computers, printers and more.

It’s our job to ensure a smooth transition by offering managed office relocation services for all your IT equipment & hardware guaranteeing that you can move into you new offices with everything set up as it should be.

We work to take the pressure off setting up new offices by handling all the initial connections & installations required to get you and your team working.

Looking for IT Support in your area?

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IT Support In Melbourne by Oakmonts Technology, providing systems installation, networking, and technical support for all your IT needs.

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We take care of the back-office IT services

Why use Oakmonts Technology?

We know what it takes to represent your business in the best possible way online. We've done it for clients all over Melbourne. And more importantly, we know how to turn those visitors into actual customers.

  • Build business reputation
  • More positive local reviews
  • Your website on every device
  • Fast, secure, reliable
  • Maintenance & support

What to expect from IT & technical support?

We make sure to examine and understand your business's information technology structure, connections, project management, etc.. In order to provide the best suitable service, leveraging available devices, machines, software, to their optimal use.

  1. Antivirus & Antimalware

  2. Performance Monitoring

  3. Hardware Audits

  4. Remote & On-Site Support

  5. PC (Files & Emails) Backup

  6. Software Updates

  7. Installation, Configurations, Setup

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